What is the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation?

Our Mission is...to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Isabella County, now and for generations to come, by holding and attracting permanent endowed funds from a wide range of donors, addressing needs through grant making and providing leadership on key community issues.

The Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation (MPACF) is a tax-exempt public charity that enables people and businesses the opportunity to establish their own charitable fund or contribute to an existing fund. Contributions to these funds are permanently endowed, which means these gifts will never be spent. The assets of all funds are commingled for investment purposes and managed professionally. Each year the earnings from investments are used to award grants that will benefit charitable programs and organizations that address the needs of Isabella County residents.

Managing your charitable giving through the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation allows you to support the organizations and issues that mean the most to you. Your impact on these organizations and issues will be both immediate and forever!

Your contributions are eligible for the highest combination of federal and Michigan tax incentives available.

Oversight of the Foundation

The MPACF is overseen by a 24 member board of trustees made up of community leaders.

How does it work?

Anyone may use the Community Foundation to give something back to their community.

You may contribute to one of more than 200 existing funds. One of our existing funds may reflect your charitable goals or interests and would benefit from your gift.

You may choose to create your own fund. A personalized fund may be created and named:

You determine how your personalized fund will benefit the community. You can choose to have your fund benefit:

Or, you and your family may stay involved in the awarding of grants from your fund. You may create a donor advised fund through which your family can recommend charitable giving to our community.

For more information please contact us.