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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Isabella County, now and for generations to come, by attracting and holding permanent endowed funds from a wide range of donors, addressing needs through grant making and providing leadership on key community issues.

William Brehm Memorial Chippewa Watershed Conservancy Stewardship Fund

On November 14, 2006 the William Brehm Memorial Chippewa Watershed Conservancy Stewardship Fund was established by Michael and Rhea Dow. The couple created the fund to memorialize Mr. Dow’s long-time business partner, William Brehm, who passed away on September 24, 2006.

Brehm was a well-known central Michigan businessman. He founded the Chippewa Beverage Company, owned and operated the Mt. Pleasant Holiday Inn, and established the Holiday Greens and Pohlcat Golf Courses among many enterprises. “Bill was a long-time business partner and friend,” Dow said. “I wanted to do something of importance for his local community in his memory.”

Revenue generated by the endowment fund will be used by the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy (CWC), a local, volunteer-driven, tax-exempt organization, to protect natural habitat within the watershed of the Chippewa River. Formed in 1994, the CWC is composed of diverse individuals in the community who share the goal of preserving and protecting the natural environment. Protection is done through land acquisition and conservation easements to help ensure the land stays in its natural form.

Brehm cared deeply about the community and about its landscape, which is evident from his layout of the Holiday Greens and the Pohlcat. His daughter, Barbara Brehm-Grewe, said, “He didn’t just rip things up; he tried to incorporate important natural features into his plan.”

This endowment fund will continue to give to the community and future residents. Generations to com will know the William Brehm Memorial Chippewa Watershed Conservancy Stewardship Fund as an effort to preserve and protect our natural landscape.