Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation

For good. For ever.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Isabella County, now and for generations to come, by attracting and holding permanent endowed funds from a wide range of donors, addressing needs through grant making and providing leadership on key community issues.

Create a New Fund

Whatever your philanthropic dreams, the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation provides expertise and flexibility in charitable giving. We will work with you to create a permanently endowed fund that is customized to your interests and your assets. Donors with the foresight to create these permanent funds provide a source to perpetually benefit the charitable organizations or causes in Isabella County they care about most now… and for generations to come.

How do I start?

Contact the Community Foundation to make an appointment. At no cost or obligation, Amanda Schafer, Executive Director, will meet with you to discuss your charitable goals and answer your questions.

What is the cost?

Endowed funds may be built in increments, beginning at $1,000. Then, based on type, endowed funds must meet certain minimums before they may award grants. Funds must meet these minimums within within a 10 year period.

How much time does it take?

Creating a permanently endowed fund at the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation is a simple process that can take as little as an hour of time. Endowed funds are established through written fund agreements between the founding donors and the Community Foundation. While some donors include professional advisors (attorney, accountant, etc.) in the process, it is not necessary to do so.

Please consider the following as you consider creating your own fund:

1. Identify your fund's purpose.

  • Do you want your fund to be flexible so that it can be used to meet the most urgent issues facing the people of Isabella County? (Community Impact Fund)
  • Do you want your fund to focus on a particular area of interest such as the arts, the environment, recreation, youth, the elderly, health issues or emergency needs? (Field of Interest Fund)
  • Do you want your fund to provide support to a community organization you care about? (Designated Fund)
  • Do you want your fund to provide a scholarship to help continue a student's education? (Scholarship Fund)
  • Do you or your family want to be involved in recommending which organizations receive grants from your fund? (Donor Advised Fund)

2. Choose a name for your fund.

  • Will you name the fund after your family or your business?
  • Will the fund be named in honor of or as a memorial to someone special?
  • Do you want to include the purpose of the fund in the name?

3. Decide how and when to give.

  • What type of assets do you want to gift to your fund?
  • Do you want to place the assets in your fund now, upon your death, or both?